Sunday, October 30, 2011

What I got from Four Hour Work Week

The book was interesting and it did lead me to clarify some things about my life. It made me think about my time and what I'm good at, what I'd rather be doing. I don't think I'm going to get a VA from India, as that goes against my values. If I were to hire an assistant, which I most likely will do when I become a successful author, I will hire someone from the US, either a VA or a local person to work with directly.

But I have decided on a few things based on the book. Again, I have to remind myself it's not action that matters. It's how I feel about things.

First, I know it's time to stop my evening transcription service. I want to spend that time on my writing, time with my family and other interests. That feels right.

I also want to see what can be automated more so that I don't have to feel like I'm doing everything. Some ideas were:

Maid service twice a month. Look into cost and see about fitting into budget.
Setting up everything on automatic bill pay.
Taking turns with family members on making meals.
Preparing work clothes ahead of time. For example, hang up a week's
worth of outfits, with some options for weather available, in the
closet, ready to go. Have accessories and everything else needed on
hand as well.
Limit time spent on things like television, Facebook, etc.
Go to bed / get up earlier.
Leave 10 minutes earlier than needed for appointments.

While the book's main purpose seems to be to lead people to finding a way to earn money without a traditional job and travel all over the world, that is not a primary goal for me, although I do want to travel. My ultimate goal is to live a wonderful, beautiful, abundant and creative life. And I know that being able to cut some of the day to day stuff from my life will free me up to follow creative pursuits and spend time with people I love. And that feels right to me.

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