Monday, October 17, 2011

Wondeful LOA for Business call

I am so glad that Jeannette Maw does free calls as part of her Good Vibe U program. You can find the schedule here:

I can't attend them all, but I was lucky to find this one as part of her new section at Good Vibe U, LOA for Business. Merry Moola was the host for this call.

I got a lot out of the call, stuff that I knew deep down but it was good hearing someone else say similar things that I knew to be true.

Some things that she said that hit me:

Make a list of what having a successful business looks like. Even in doing that, though, it's not the words you use. It's the feeling behind them. Hold on to those beliefs.

Even though it appears that things aren't going your way, it doesn't necessarily mean that's the case.

Own your space - own your business space (To me, that means keep your identity as a business owner even though you may have to do something else right now to pay the bills. For example, I may work in an office now, but that is not me. I am a writer. I am a blogger. That is who I am, not an administrative assistant. Own that, and keep that part of you separate.)

Consider work that you do to pay the bills while building your business a temporary thing. Be clear inside yourself that it's not forever.

Make an intention on how your schedule will be and how it will work out. Create the environment you want for your business.

Let go of speedy. That is attachment. Let go of quickly and easily. She changed her words to happily and easily instead.

Practice if necessary. Practice sales calls, etc.

Work is easy to find. 
It's all working out in perfect time.
I love my life.
I'm happier.
Things are fabulous and getting better.
I feel good.
I am happy to have so much time even with a successful business.
I have plenty of money.
I am healthy and happy and I feel really, really good.

You may have to do something to earn money to pay the bills, but that will change your attachment to the money. That will release the need for the money, for the business to grow. If it gives you relief from the money stress, that's good. If it gives you more stress, that's bad. So you have to do what feels good to you for your situation. Give up the need for clients, for money. A temporary job can help release that need.

Law of attraction will reflect back to you how you feel about something, how you feel about everything. If you feel stress in your work, then that's what you will get back. If you feel relief, that's what you will get back.

For my question, regarding my husband wanting to become a locksmith and start a business, these were her suggestions.

Take it slow. Look at the industry, look at different options. Get the training done. The longer you sit with an idea the longer the energy has to form around it. Wait and act when it's important to move forward, but go slowly. Build momentum. Talk to each other about how the business will look, who will do what. Practice some scripting, make a list of our ideal locksmith business. Get on the same page with that goal.

Then there was a question about where to start with LOA. She suggested Bob Doyle's Wealth Beyond Reason. 

She stated that we must believe that what we desire will happen. If we say something to ourself and end it with, yeah, she can say that but it's not true, then we need some belief work. We attract what we believe.

Merry's website is Law of Sales Attraction.  I know I'll be spending some time there.

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