Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Visualizing my book cover

One of my dreams is to write a novel and have it published by Harlequin. I've been kicking around an idea for years, based on a line in a song, and I knew it was going to be the book. I started writing it and it fell apart - weak characters, trying to write too much to formula. Then I got overwhelmed with life and all the issues from last year and I stopped writing.

But I picked it up again and started over. The words are flowing like water. I have an even better story, stronger characters, and I am enjoying writing it daily. My goal is 1000 words a day. Sometimes I write 2000.

One thing I have been doing lately is visualizing my book cover. The story is about a musician, a performer. I am seeing the red Harlequin cover, the musician facing toward an audience - he's on stage. He's wearing his cowboy hat and has a guitar slung across his back (country singer). There is a hint of a spotlight showing around him. Off to the side, smaller, there is an impression of a full stadium of people there to see him perform.

I don't know what cover I will get, but I know that having that cover in my head will make it more and more real to me the further I get in writing the book.

Maybe you noticed that I'm visualizing a cover, not a sale. That's because I already know that it will sell.

Be confident. Know what you want. Visualize what you want. It will come.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Affirmations and manifesting ice cream

Like I shared in my post regarding the blog's name of Manifesting cookies, I manifested food again yesterday. I was thinking of heading next door to the restaurant after lunch for an ice cream. When my supervisor went out, I came close to giving her my debit card and asking her to pick me up one. Imagine my surprise when she came back from picking up her lunch. She'd brought me a yogurt with strawberries and crushed oreos on top. Even better than the soft serve ice cream I was going to get.

I have some affirmations that I'm using at work pretty consistently. I've already shared how I prepave my day while I get ready for work. I also use the Universal Manager game from Ask and It is Given whenever I pass out anything work related - memos, training notices. I ask the Universal Manager to make sure that the papers get in the right hands, no matter where they are going, and I appreciate everything that he does.

I guess now I need to give the Universal Manager another job - making sure we have space for scheduled training at work. Space is at a premium and it seems as though everyone wants a room at the same time.
But that's okay, because this is my new request for the Universal Manger:

Thank you that whenever there is a training session, that there is
space available. Even if the first location is being used, there will
be a different space available with no issues or conflicts.

Are you using the Universal Manager to help you organize things?

I am happy to have the Universal Manager available to assist me in my job. It helps take the stress away when I feel as though I am having to jump through hoops. It's just another process that is fun to do in
order to release resistance and to feel good.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vibe Lifting Music - You Can Always Be #1, Splashdance

Had a brief flashback tonight with my husband. He got the Dragon's Lair 20th Anniversary DVD combo pack. On the special features was a gameshow called Starcade, a video game gameshow, and there was a commercial for Disney's Splashdance. My husband told me had the cassette when he was a kid, and he still remembered the words.

Below is one of the songs I enjoyed and it's very vibe lifting. Listen to this and you are definitely going to smile.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Creative ways of using Pinterest

Like I need yet another something on the Internet :)

But I was inspired by Jeannette's Maw's post about Pinterest:

So I signed up. You can find me here:

I'll be using Pinterest to create vision boards on various topics, so
be sure to check often or even subscribe to the feed if you'd like to
see what I create. And if you would like an invite, just leave me a
comment or send a quick email to ask.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blessings - Laura Story - Postive Music

This is another beautiful song I've heard recently.

I know that as deliberate creators and practitioners of LOA, we sometimes believe that now our life is supposed to be everything we want it to be. It's going to be wonderful and amazing and marvelous. But remember that if we believe that we must believe that we create EVERYTHING in our life. We may define something as bad, and it may hurt us to go through it, but somewhere along the way we realize that without that moment, without those tears and hurt and pain, we would not be the people we are now. Without the trials, without the contrast, we are not growing. Be thankful for everything, even the difficulties of life, and welcome the growth that comes from them.

The story behind the song:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

To Intend or Not to Intend - Are We Trying Too Hard?

There is so much sometimes to Law of Attraction. Even on this blog I talk about affirmations, prepaving your day, vision boards, positive thinking. But is it too much? How do we know?

We know when it becomes stressful. When you are planning your day and you worry if you'll find time to meditate or visualize your goals, or get upset that you didn't write in your gratitude journal or your pray rain journal or you forgot to prepave while in the shower this morning. If doing any of the processes becomes a chore then it's too much.

A process is just a process. That is all. Abraham Hicks says that the processes they give in Ask and It Is Given are to help us release resistance. That is all. The processes are not magical. They are to help us expect our manifestations. They are to help us stay positive and grateful and happy so that we can welcome the manifestation when it comes. If doing the process becomes a chore, then it adds resistance instead of taking it away.

Are you trying to handle too many processes? Are you always trying something new? Remember that it's not the process that matters. It's the feelings behind the process.

If you feel that you are too stressed out with whatever LoA processes you are doing, then stop. Just stop. Just enjoy your day. If you want to write in your journal, do it. If you want to meditate, then do it. But don't do it because you feel you have to in order to make LoA work. The Law of Attraction works no matter what you do. What is important is how you feel. So pamper yourself today and relax. Your desires are already known. Let yourself relax in expectation of receiving them now.