Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My perfect day

One of the exercises in Wishcraft is to write about your perfect day. I would really like to live out this day at least once, even if I can't get it all in exactly. I believe this is a good exercise in contrast, so that you know what you like versus what you don't. 

I wake up around 8:00 with my husband. We make the bed and I shower and dress first while he starts breakfast. He makes my favorite - waffles with sugar free syrup, yogurt, fruit and turkey bacon with orange juice. Our son gets up around 8:30 and we eat breakfast together. 

Around 9:00 our son cleans the kitchen and my husband gets his shower and dresses while I go to our game room / office to begin writing for the day. I work on a couple of fiction pieces first, then around 11:00 I meet with my husband to work on a story we're writing together. We work on that for an hour, then make lunch together. 

We eat a simple lunch and my husband and son head off to work. I walk the dog around the block, then make sure he and the cat have food and water. The housekeeper is coming in soon, so I don't have a lot to do that day for housework. I start some laundry, then go back to my desk for another two hours. I work on blog posts, do some editing of a story that's about to be published, check email, Facebook and Twitter. I take the dog for another walk when the housekeeper comes over. I check my mailbox when I come home and find a notice from my publisher. A royalty payment has been deposited to my checking account. 

After she leaves, I start supper in the crockpot and change into my gym clothes. I head to the gym for a spin class followed by weight lifting. I come home an hour and a half later to a good smelling dinner simmering in the crockpot. I shower and change into some comfortable clothes and wait on my son to get home for supper. I may watch something on TV, read a book or work on a craft. 

My son gets home from work first and we eat dinner and spend some time together. We clean up the kitchen together and have a nice conversation. I call my husband at work and we talk for a little while. He tells me he expects to leave on time. I make sure that his supper is wrapped up for him in the fridge. 

I start getting ready for bed around 10:30. I go over my schedule for the next couple of days. It looks full, but it's actually full of stuff I enjoy doing. I have a phone interview about a new book in the morning, I have a massage in the afternoon and I'll be taking a pottery class the next evening. In between, I'll be writing, cooking, caring for my home and spending time with my family. I set my alarm to make sure to wake me on time the next day. Even though I'm asleep when my husband comes home, he kisses me and holds me close to him when he gets into bed. I have good dreams through the night. 

And that would be my perfect day. 

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