Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Law of Attraction Awareness

I think it's interesting that this morning the nursing director at work left me a postcard with a note on it regarding a file I'd left her. The front of the postcard was a dandelion with some of the seeds blowing in the wind - almost exactly the same as my blog design that I chose last night.

Sometimes I think we make LOA too difficult. We don't have to think of things we want ALL the time. We don't need mantras that we repeat a certain number of times. Sometimes it's just a fleeting thought that we have and one day that thought is reality. It's when we are allowing, when we open ourselves to that thought - that's when it happens.

I'll share a little more about some fleeting thoughts I've had that have manifested in my life a bit later. Now that I know about LOA, though, I've paid attention to these things more and realized, oh, yeah, we talked about this, didn't we? As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as coincidence any more.

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