Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Law of Attraction Awareness

A few months ago my sweetie called after he got off work at 11pm to tell me about these large bugs that were everywhere. They seemed to be trying to fly but couldn't. They were huge, orange and black, and he'd never seen them before. They made a noise like crickets but were large enough to be locusts. He saved a dead one that was laying on his truck to show me. Neither of us had any idea what this bug might be. I'd planned to do an Internet search on the bug but it was late so I waited.

The next day I was getting coffee in the break room at work and noticed the newspaper on the table. I flipped through it and there was an article written by a local county extension agent about periodical cicadas. Apparently they'd gotten a lot of phone calls from people in the area wondering where all these large bugs came from. The description was exactly like the ones he'd found - orange and black with red eyes. They live underground and only surface to mate every 13-17 years. So he'd seen something special that night. I made sure to copy the article to give him later.

Today one of our managers came into the office to ask about an applicant she had interviewed last week. The name wasn't familiar, so the supervisor checked on applications that were still pending. While she did that, the phone rang - it was that very same applicant calling to check on the status of his application.

Last year my son and I wanted to go to Target on Black Friday to get a sandwich maker. They had them on sale on Friday only for $3. We got there early but the shelves were empty. But we still wanted a sandwich maker. About a month later I was at the thrift store and went browsing in the household items. Right there was a sandwich maker. I bought it for $2. Then my mother in law gave us one that she'd had for years and wasn't using, so we then had two!

We moved into a new rental and needed to do our own lawn care. We'd gotten rid of our old mower over two years ago and the previous rental house provided lawn care. So I asked a co-worker who lived nearby if we could borrow hers. She said yes and gave me directions to her house on Wednesday. Her phone started to ring and she said she'd get me her number by Friday. Friday came and we both forgot to exchange numbers. I also left the paper she'd given me with her address on it in my desk drawer. I could only remember a part of her address, her husband's name and the type of car she drove. I was able to verify the street name and get directions using the Internet, but I didn't get a phone number or house number. So sweetie and I started out Saturday morning to find her house. I was hoping there would be a name on the mailbox or the house or I would see her car. But nothing. So we meandered through the neighborhood, noticing houses that we liked, enjoyed finding a lake up the road with homes around it, and I said, well, A knows where we live. She'll realize I don't have her number and she'll come by our house. So we got home and I was preparing to leave for an errand when A and her husband drove up, not even five minutes later. She'd stopped by because she hadn't seen us yet at her house. I explained what happened and sweetie was able to follow them to the house and get the mower while I went out on my errand. 

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