Monday, January 30, 2012

We Are Worthy

My son and I were talking this morning about the possibilities before us right now - new jobs, buying a house, replacing my car. And he mentioned that he would like a Corvette one day, if he "deserved" one.

I think it's sad that we have been conditioned to believe that it's wrong to want nice things or even luxurious things, like a fancy sports car or nice house. It's sad because God loves us and wants to give us not only what we need, but also what we want.

Matthew 7:11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

We are worthy, we are deserving, we are ENTITLED simply because we are children of God.

I heard a friend at church once say that she believed that government keeps people from earning a certain amount of money, that it was impossible to get above almost poverty level because "they" kept everyone at that level.

I used to believe that. Maybe you did too. But I hope you are waking up now. I hope you believe now, as I do, that YOU are in control of you. You are in control of your finances, your time, your life. No one
can keep you in bondage without your consent. If you find yourself struggling financially or in any other way, make a decision to break out of whatever rut you are in. Make a decision to change your life, then take inspired action.

If you are having issues with believing that you are worthy to have what you want, here is an exercise to help you stretch your belief.

Every day write the following in a notebook:

I am worthy to have nice things.
I am worthy to earn a comfortable living.

Then dream of whatever you want and write it as well.

I am worthy to (write your dream)

Continue as long as you need.

I am worthy of a nice home.
I am worthy of a loving partner.

Now let's change it a bit.

I deserve a nice home.
I deserve a loving partner.
I deserve to earn a comfortable living.

Keep going, saying I deserve. Because you do. Now, let's change it up a bit more.

I am entitled to a nice home.
I am entitled to a nice car.
I am entitled to a loving partner.
I am entitled to earn a comfortable living.

Keep going. I know it may feel strange to say these things because we have been told from the time we were young that we shouldn't want nice things, it was selfish of us to even ask for nice things. It's time to change that mindset and it's also time to change that mindset in our children. I don't believe that this type of mindset is going to spoil anyone. I believe that by accepting our self-worth and seeing ourselves as worthy of our dreams, seeing ourselves the way God sees us, is the least spoiling thing we can do for us, our families and our communities.

These exercises have helped me learn and grow so much in such a short time. I hope they help you as well.

**Added 2/9/12 Deliberate Blog has posted on this issue too - Deliberate Blog: A Sense of Entitlement. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We live in an abundant world

As manifestors, deliberate creators or just people-who-use-LOA, we believe we live in an abundant world. We already believe that there is enough of everything - money, houses, cars, jobs, clothing, food - anything you can imagine, there is enough. Now economics is starting to back that up.

The definition of traditional economics analyzes the distribution and consumption of goods and services. Economists are also looking at our resources. Traditional economists, though, say that there are only
limited resources. Over the years many of these doomsayer economists have stated we are about to run out of this or that or the other thing. But have we?

No, we haven't. Because every time we believe that we are lacking something we either discover we didn't need it at all or some type of technology is invented to make it better. Either a better process or more efficient way to work.

Abraham Hicks talks about this as well, comparing material wealth or material things to health. They state that we don't think, "Well, I need to be sick for a while so that others can be healthy." Why do we feel that if we are doing well that others must lack? That if we have more than enough then something is being taken from someone else?

I did believe that, but no more. I believe we live in a world where there is more than enough for everyone.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Things are happening

I love that feeling when you know things are happening, when the Universe is moving and everything is coming into alignment.

We've been praying for my husband to have a job locally for some time. Right now he's driving an hour to work daily. He got a tip on a job that pays double what he makes now and is open very soon. The only thing is -- the place is 2 1/2 hours away.

But we're up for it. Even though we love our historic home that we're renting and we love the area, we believe we know why we weren't able to buy the property we saw last year. We are believing that things are happening.

In Harmonic Wealth, James Arthur Ray discusses something called the Law of Gender - everything has a gestation period. Yes, some things may manifest almost immediately, but if you're trying to manifest $100,000 it's going to take some time. He also makes another point - if you did manifest $100,000 immediately, and you're not the person at this point in time that can handle $100,000, then the money will slip through your fingers. I believe that we are becoming people that can have $100,000 and take care of it.

I still have my check I made out to myself for $100,000. With this job, we will be halfway there. 

I am seeing how much our mindset is changing as well, starting with looking at the houses for sale around us. All are about $300,000 and we're getting into the mindset that yes, one day we could own a house like that. But imagine our surprise when we found a house with all the features we said we wanted for half that price within 10 miles of the potential new job.

It meets the following criteria:
  • Privacy
  • Built in 1975 (Husband's thing)
  • Fireplace (mine)
  • Circular tower room
  • Fenced yard for our dog
  • Near water
  • Partially finished basement (for the "man cave")
  • Open kitchen / dining room 
  • Sauna (again, husband's thing)
  • Close to town but not too close
  • Small, easily kept up yard
  • Big enough to roam around in and enjoy the space
We are printing out the photos and we're going to make a vision board for the house. We should hear back next week about the job and then plans can get under way.

What is amazing is that we had been talking about buying or building a house and said we didn't know if we could go over $100,000. With this new job, we can easily afford $150,000. However, we have LOA on our side, so we're going to also intend that the price will drop and it will be available when we have the down payment.

The list of features that we came up with never came from specifically writing anything down. It was all just stuff we happened to mention to each other here and there - except the 1970s thing, hubby kept that one to himself. But I love the uniqueness of the house - it's custom made - and we're looking forward to things changing up a bit.


We are so happy to live in the house on Ranier Road.
We are thrilled to have paid only $100,000 for this house.
We are so thankful that it was still on the market. 
We are so grateful that everything with the purchase and the move went smoothly.
We are happy that everything is working well in the house.
We enjoy seeing our dog run in the fenced in yard.
We are looking forward to redecorating and turning it into our forever home.

Are things changing up for you? I hope so!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Money Dream

One of my affirmations written on my white board is:

Money put into circulation returns to us tenfold.

I read that and say it every time I need to spend money, whether it's groceries or whether it's the gas bill or even getting my hair done.

I had some concern about money at the end of December due to some vehicle repairs, a late paycheck and a late check from a client. Even with those issues, we ended up paying everything in December with no problems. But the end of the month came and as I looked at the bank account the day before payday I realized that some bills had come out automatically that I'd forgotten were scheduled. I was worried that
the account would overdraw. But I stopped that energy and recited my affirmations again :

Money put into circulation returns to us tenfold.
We have more than enough money.
We have plenty of money to pay the bills.

And I went to bed that night, not even thinking about it anymore, and I had a dream.

In the dream I was happy because it was payday but it also meant that all this extra money I'd either found or set aside could be used as well. In the dream I was taking the money from some type of enclosed space, either the trunk of my car or from a box in the attic or closet, I'm not sure. And each time I grabbed a stack of bills, more money would appear, all $20s or $100s. I counting the money in the dream, and I got to $200 and still another stack of money appeared. I kept grabbing it up and I don't think it ever completely disappeared.

I believe that dreams tell us things, that they reinforce things we already know in our hearts but maybe not in our heads. Since I've also been meditating off and on for the past couple of weeks, I've been more inclined to pay attention to my dreams and see what they are telling me. And I believe this dream was telling me what I already know -

Money put into circulation returns to us tenfold.
We have more than enough.

What ways do you have more than enough? Some examples I have include:

Getting my car fixed for practically nothing, just before my husband's truck ending up needing a fuel pump. The money we saved on the car went for the fuel pump.
I got $10 Kohl's coupon in the mail.
My husband got a $25 coupon in the mail good to use toward an oil change.
I have had two free coaching sessions.

Over the past few weeks, whenever I've stated, "I need to learn to do this or that for my business," the information is presented to me in a simple way, for little or no cost. I now have an affirmation for my

Anything I need to learn or have, I will get for free or a discount.

So go ahead - what ways have you realized that you have more than enough?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012, looking ahead

I enjoy reading Kim Falconer's blog and her horoscopes since they incorporate the Law of Attraction into astrology. I was interested in two of her posts,  set intentions for the solstice and New Moon, both which included horoscopes for the new year.

Both horoscopes (I'm a Cancer, by the way) mentioned partnership and relationships. Her tip was to start with a relationship with myself. I admit that never thought of that. When I read the horoscope I first thought of my husband and my son, who are my immediate relationships. Then that branched out to my extended family, my in-laws, and the my co-workers. But treating myself well, loving myself, that is an important relationship. Unless I love myself I cannot truly love someone else.

So for this first part of 2012, in regards to relationships, I am going to look at myself. There are some things health wise I need to be doing. I also want to take better care of myself and treat myself to some self-care. These can be simple things, such as time to relax in a bubble bath or spend an afternoon reading. One thing I realized over 2011 is that taking that time to do something YOU want to do is not selfish. It's a very needed period of respite.

I'm not necessarily going to have a "to-do" list, as I don't believe that I need to work that hard. What I need to do is be more open, be more allowing. I have been closed off for a long time and I need to open myself up to the relationships that I already have and welcome more.

Affirmations toward that end:

I am open and welcoming to new friendships and new people in my life.
I am a worthwhile, loveable, successful person because God created me in His perfect image.
You're beautiful -- you are sacred, you are treasured, you are His.

For the next month, I am going to work on loving myself. Every day I am going to take time to do something just for me. I am going to spend money on myself. And the first thing, the most important thing, I will not judge myself or make any negative comment about myself

For my immediate family I am going to start reading the Love Dare again. I stopped last year when it got too difficult to do the assignments - both emotionally and practically. But now we're all under the same roof and I want to have a wonderful relationship with my husband and son.

What are some of your thoughts for the new year? Are you going to follow tips from a horoscope or just follow what you feel led to do on your own?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book - The Pledge - Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life

As part of a private work project I was able to read The Pledge - Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life, by Michael Masterson, and take some notes on it. At first, reading the title, I thought, Oh, this is going to be a very interesting book to read, can't wait to see his method of using Law of Attraction. I guess I've become so used to LOA being in pretty much anything I read or watch or even do. I've even dreamed of TV shows I watch using intentions and other aspects of the Law of Attraction in their stories.

The book is not even close to being a Law of Attraction book. And that is fine. It doesn't have to be. But it's not the right book for me.

Masterson basically wants you to break your goals into down, starting at a big goal seven years out. Then you break it down into annual goals, monthly objectives and tasks. Basically the tasks you do today will support your monthly objectives which supports your annual goals which support your seven-year goal.

The book recommends writing down your goals and creating a plan. The plan includes getting up early - 4:30 or 5:00 am was highly recommended, eating right, minimizing distractions in your work day, and planning the work you will do and the work you will delegate.

There is nothing wrong with any of that. Think and Grow Rich recommended setting a goal or having a desire you wanted to reach. However, there was a lot in The Pledge that just didn't appeal to me. I guess I should say - the new me.

The old me, prior to learning about the Law of Attraction, would be all over this book. I would have a notebook already filled with my goals and objectives and tasks. But I no longer believe I have to do any of that stuff to make my dreams come true.

Do I believe in taking action? Yes, I do. But I believe more in inspired action.

I know that sounds funny. If my ultimate desire (re: Think and Grow Rich) is to be a writer (specifically a romance writer published with Harlequin), how will I sell anything if all I do is "wait" to be inspired?

Well, when I am inspired I don't wait. I have learned not to question those flashes of inspiration. The first short story I sold was inspired. I wrote it in two hours. Another short story I have finished was inspired by a dream that I had. I wrote it in two hours as well. I have submitted it, but it was rejected. However, that is only the opinion of one publication. There are more out there and there are other options for me. I know it's a good story, I have faith in that, and I am not giving up on it. I fully believe it was inspired.

Masterson states that positive thinking doesn't work for 90 percent of the people who practice it. I would be interested to know how he got that number. I would be interested to know why he believes that.

I believe it's because Masterson is looking for a specific outcome. He wants to help people become rich. That is a worthwhile goal. Napoleon Hill and many other writers wanted the same thing. However, one thing I have learned is that most people who practice positive thinking, affirmations, the Law of Attraction -- it comes to the point where they don't necessarily care about material wealth. That may have been a focus at the beginning of the journey, but not always.

For me, positive thinking was a way to help me feel better, to help me become a better person. I believe that I am doing that, I have done that. So in my case, because I am not wealthy by Masterson's standards, have I failed?

Besides, you could say I've even accomplished my desire - to be a published writer. After all, my story was sold and will be published. So I can say, with all fact and truth, I am a published writer. 

To illustrate this further, think about a competition, like the Olympics. There is one gold medal and many competitors. Only one person can bring home the gold medal. But that may not truly matter to every person in the competition.

One person wants to win the gold.
One person wants to place in the top three.
One person is just thrilled to be in the Olympics.

This is part of the Law of Attraction. In this way, everyone can have their way. We live in an AND world, not an EITHER / OR world.

We can have our cake and eat it too.
We can have chocolate and lose weight.
We can earn money doing something we love.
We can goof off and still make a living.

That is what I believe.

Look at competitions such as American Idol. I have never watched one episode of American Idol, but I am familiar with some of the winners. I am also familiar with some of the losers, such as Kellie Pickler. I had no idea she'd even been a contestant on the show. I believe that for many of the competitors on American Idol their goal was not to win the title but to have a career in music. And that is what happened. They did not fail by losing the competition. They reached their goal in a different way.

And as I neared the end of the book, Masterson says this:

"Every idea, strategy and technique I shared with you has been proven repeatedly through my personal experience. I know it works, because it worked for me."

And that is the clincher. It worked for him because he BELIEVED that it would. Masterson shares how all of this started as he graduated high school and was basically told that he wouldn't amount to anything. He chose at that moment to not believe that assessment of his high school guidance counselor. He took INSPIRED action to turn his life around. In  my opinion, that is LOA in action.

So if Michael Masterson believes that you have to write out seven year goals, annual goals, monthly objectives and daily tasks in order to succeed, then that is what his reality will be -- because he BELIEVES it to be that way. 

Personally, I feel that it's a lot of work. I don't want to do all of that work anymore. I don't want to live by goals and checklists and forms and worry about accomplishing my goals. 

So how am I going to finish a book to submit to Harlequin within the next six months (my New Year's / solstice resolution) without following checklists and goals and daily word counts and worrying if the story is good enough for them to buy?

Well, I may not. By July I may only have 25,000 words instead of 50,000. But that's okay. 

I may end up writing a few more short stories instead, selling them or publishing them on my own. And that's okay. 

I like to keep a word count of 1000 words a day, five days a week. It's doable for me. If I want to do more, I will. If I choose to do less, I will. And it's okay. 

And worry if the story is good? Well, good for whom? Harlequin editors? Romance novel readers? I can't think about them right now. The story's not even written yet, so who cares? Besides, I believe it's a good story. My only job is to get it on paper. That's all. I give myself permission to write poorly. I give myself permission to want to stop and start over. But I will continue and I will press forward until I finish. 

And however it ends up, that's okay. 

Michael Masterson may disagree, but that's okay too.