Friday, October 7, 2011

LOA use with others - and an affirmation

I have heard some say that LOA can be used to control others. Not so. But you can influence others.

I am able to influence my son by keeping a level head and staying in a good mood. I mentioned before that we had a running joke about his smartass talking. I thought that by joking about it, it would end it. But it seemed to get worse. So now it doesn't matter if he's in a bad mood. I refuse to let it get to me. I refuse to argue, I refuse to play the "one up" game with him. I just stay calm. After all, I can only "control" me. Soon, though, after a little while to cool off, he will be okay. But I did stop calling attention to his smartass
remarks. That was giving them too much energy and it wasn't helping our relationship.

I did do this with my sweetie as well on something. I'll call it action X. It bothered me a lot and he could tell something was upsetting me, but I couldn't tell him what it was. So I asked God to intervene. Suddenly stuff started popping up all over relating to action X. When that happened, I knew I could let it go. Something was
happening. God was calling sweetie's attention to action X and I didn't have to. Within a week my sweetie had changed action X to something else and all was right again. But it was exciting to see LOA in action so quickly.

So now there is something else I am asking God for, asking him to use LOA to bring this to my sweetie's mind.

We have been planning to remarry in April of next year. But I would really like to do it now. I feel very good about this decision. We're taking two vacation days together in two weeks. I found out we can get married at the courthouse for $60 with no waiting period. So I am putting a request out there.

Thank you, God, for bringing us together again. You brought us through six months apart and you have kept your promises. Thank you for that. You know our hearts, you know how we feel about each other, and I am
ready. I want to get remarried now. I intend that sweetie will ask me to go to the courthouse and we will be remarried by October 24.

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