Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vacation Week - Living As If

I am taking the first week of July as a vacation week. It's been a long time since I've had the ability to take an entire week off. I've done a few days here and there but that's all.

But this coming week I have the freedom (that's my 'soul' word) to do as I choose. Good thing to remember with Independence Day coming up here in the U.S.

I choose to live this week as if I'm a full-time, successful writer.

In all I say and do, I will act "as if".

How does a successful writer go grocery shopping? How does a successful writer spend time with her family? What does it look like when a successful writer walks her dog?

Yes, I will be writing as well, since successful writers do spent some part of their day writing.

What is great about this exercise is that there is no way to do it wrong. My day, my schedule, my actions may not match those of another successful writer, but that is okay. Because what's important is that I feel as if I am a successful writer. By feeling that way, no matter what I'm doing, I will bring it into my reality.

What will you be acting "as if" this week?

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