Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It Only Matters That I Feel Good

I've been reading Good Vibe Blog for some time and finally it hit home.

It's the feeling I'm after, nothing else.

It's not the extended travel. It's not the custom built house. It's not being self-employed. It's not being a writer. It's not having a flexible job. 

It's what I believe those things will feel like. And if I focus on feeling good now, feeling those feelings now, then I don't have to worry about the how, what, where, when and why. They will all come with time.

It has finally sunken in :)

So where does that leave affirmations, visualizing, my white board, journaling, specific things I do want?

If those things feel good to do, then I will do them. And I will appreciate what I already have and know that other things will come to me at the right time. There is nothing I need to "do" to receive these things except feel good.

What about action? I mean, don't I need to do something to receive something? If I want to earn a living as a writer, I need to write and get something out there, right? Won't that take work and time and commitment? 

Well, my first short story that sold was written on inspiration within half an hour. It sold on my first submission. So when inspired to take action, I will do so. This may mean working on something new or something old. It also means, for me, setting aside time each day for projects. The only difference is that whatever I work on that day can't feel like a chore or yet more work to do. 

My husband says I have too many projects going right now. I have at least four projects. But I enjoy them all. I don't want to stop working on any of them. And I don't have to. They all make me feel good. And if the attention on the projects has an ebb and flow, that's okay too.  It's when I'm trying to work on the projects and get grumpy
and irritable when I need to stop working on them and take a break, and I need to be able to recognize that. Then projects become a chore, then it's time to relax and remember to have fun and feel good.

Thanks, Jeannette and all Good Vibe Blog contributors

Have you had any kind of breakthrough in your thought or actions recently? Please share in the comments below. 

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