Tuesday, April 24, 2012

$100 Discount - Law of Attraction Awareness

One of the ways we're going to fulfill our dream of self employment / travel is by offering life coaching. We found a training program and last week I attended a webinar about the program, got some questions answered, general stuff. They also mentioned a special bonus and I was hoping they would announce a discount.

They didn't offer a discount except for the in-person training they offered. The bonus was something else. But I still enjoyed the webinar and I told my husband, "I was hoping they were going to offer $100 off the course. Wouldn't that have been wonderful?"

He agreed, since we had saved up just short of $100 for the course and had to wait till his next payday when an error in his vacation pay would be included.

Yesterday I got an email about another webinar and their spring discount on the course - $100 off, just in time for payday when we were going to pay for the course anyway at the regular price.

Thank you for the discount. We appreciate it very much.

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