Sunday, April 15, 2012

Universe telling me something?

So I posted the other day that today I decide to get healthy.

So what did I do today after my doctor's appointment for fasting blood work? I head to McDonald's. And the nice lady asks if I want the fruit and maple oatmeal. And I think, I really should. I mean I said I wanted to be healthy. But what did I actually do? I ordered the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit combo - but with a diet drink.

I picked up my order, paying almost $5 for the fat & carb filled goodness and headed to work.

I opened my bag and found ---

fruit and maple oatmeal.

Okay. You win.

But I need my $4.77 back. Or at least the difference in what I would have paid had I actually ordered the oatmeal instead.

Thanks a bunch.

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