Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Learning Lessons at Work

I'm going through some stuff at work right now where some things I've done or been doing are being questioned. And it really doesn't bother me. And it doesn't bother me because I am not going into the process re-actively.

Since learning about the Law of Attraction I try to into each day looking at what I can control, what I can make of it. I already talked about how I prepave my day. I ask for it to be a good day. I ask for time to pass quickly. I ask for projects to come my way. I don't necessarily ask for conflict, but without conflict how will I learn? How will my supervisor and co-workers learn?

So since I knew this was coming since Friday, I prepaved for it. If my supervisor's questions had come at me from out of the blue, I would have done things differently. But I'd had some heads-up that she wanted to know how things were going with me - I've been at this job a year next week - and wanted to go over some things were some tasks were falling short.

While the old me would be looking at this as conflict and criticism and would be hurt by it, the new me is very calm about the whole thing. It's like I'm looking at myself from a distance. I'm keeping the entire issue at a distance. It's nothing about me personally. It doesn't mean that I don't do a good job. It does mean that there are some skills lacking, maybe some communication issues between us, but that can be fixed. Skills can be learned, communication can be better.

So I am setting an intention for this process as well as continuing to look at it from a distance. And I'm asking myself, "What can I learn from this process? How did I manifest this issue? -- Because if I take 100 percent responsibility, then I did. If anything, I co-created it. What do I want to take away from this issue?"

My intention is:

I intend that both J and I will learn from this issue and it will help us to work better together for the good of the company and the people we serve.

I'll check back as things progress and report on how I'm answering the other questions. And I'll look back on this as well as time passes and look in hindsight, as we all do, at the lessons learned at this point in time.

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