Friday, January 20, 2012

Things are happening

I love that feeling when you know things are happening, when the Universe is moving and everything is coming into alignment.

We've been praying for my husband to have a job locally for some time. Right now he's driving an hour to work daily. He got a tip on a job that pays double what he makes now and is open very soon. The only thing is -- the place is 2 1/2 hours away.

But we're up for it. Even though we love our historic home that we're renting and we love the area, we believe we know why we weren't able to buy the property we saw last year. We are believing that things are happening.

In Harmonic Wealth, James Arthur Ray discusses something called the Law of Gender - everything has a gestation period. Yes, some things may manifest almost immediately, but if you're trying to manifest $100,000 it's going to take some time. He also makes another point - if you did manifest $100,000 immediately, and you're not the person at this point in time that can handle $100,000, then the money will slip through your fingers. I believe that we are becoming people that can have $100,000 and take care of it.

I still have my check I made out to myself for $100,000. With this job, we will be halfway there. 

I am seeing how much our mindset is changing as well, starting with looking at the houses for sale around us. All are about $300,000 and we're getting into the mindset that yes, one day we could own a house like that. But imagine our surprise when we found a house with all the features we said we wanted for half that price within 10 miles of the potential new job.

It meets the following criteria:
  • Privacy
  • Built in 1975 (Husband's thing)
  • Fireplace (mine)
  • Circular tower room
  • Fenced yard for our dog
  • Near water
  • Partially finished basement (for the "man cave")
  • Open kitchen / dining room 
  • Sauna (again, husband's thing)
  • Close to town but not too close
  • Small, easily kept up yard
  • Big enough to roam around in and enjoy the space
We are printing out the photos and we're going to make a vision board for the house. We should hear back next week about the job and then plans can get under way.

What is amazing is that we had been talking about buying or building a house and said we didn't know if we could go over $100,000. With this new job, we can easily afford $150,000. However, we have LOA on our side, so we're going to also intend that the price will drop and it will be available when we have the down payment.

The list of features that we came up with never came from specifically writing anything down. It was all just stuff we happened to mention to each other here and there - except the 1970s thing, hubby kept that one to himself. But I love the uniqueness of the house - it's custom made - and we're looking forward to things changing up a bit.


We are so happy to live in the house on Ranier Road.
We are thrilled to have paid only $100,000 for this house.
We are so thankful that it was still on the market. 
We are so grateful that everything with the purchase and the move went smoothly.
We are happy that everything is working well in the house.
We enjoy seeing our dog run in the fenced in yard.
We are looking forward to redecorating and turning it into our forever home.

Are things changing up for you? I hope so!

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