Saturday, July 28, 2012

Law of Attraction Awareness - Lost Keys, Money Comes, Refusing to Believe

We'd gone out the other night and took my husband's truck, leaving my car for our son to drive home from class. After we finished our meeting and got home, I realized my keys weren't in my purse. I searched everywhere, then we searched the truck. I thought I may have left them in the restroom at the building where we had our meeting. We had to call the person with the key to come back and open it. No keys. Before we left again, we prayed to find my keys.

My husband suggested checking the school where we left the car. We headed across town to the college and searched the parking lot where I'd left the car. Then we slowly drove out of the parking lot and up to the road. Just down the road he saw them. I don't know how, but he saw them lying near the gutter in the road. I'd apparently left them on the car instead of putting them in my purse. They'd been run over and were banged up, but they are working fine.

When working on our monthly budget we ended up with a shortage. I was feeling anxious, but my husband calmly stated our affirmation - Money comes to us from sources known and unknown. And we prayed over the budget and for needs and wants to be met.

And they have been, in many ways. Extra jobs, bills less than budgeted, overtime. It's all working out.

The next one is something we learned from the movie, What the Bleep. Our reality is based on perception. What we perceive and what someone else perceives is different. So when my husband's work told him a few weeks ago they were cutting his hours to 24 or less, we refused to believe it. He told them that he was hired for 25 hours (he's been working 30) and that's what he wanted. They said they would discuss it and let it drop. Since then, he's been going to work as if nothing has changed. We just refuse to believe the hours are being cut and assuming he'll be working the 30 hours he's been working for two months.

How are your manifestations / affirmations coming true?

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