Friday, February 24, 2012

Affirmations and manifesting ice cream

Like I shared in my post regarding the blog's name of Manifesting cookies, I manifested food again yesterday. I was thinking of heading next door to the restaurant after lunch for an ice cream. When my supervisor went out, I came close to giving her my debit card and asking her to pick me up one. Imagine my surprise when she came back from picking up her lunch. She'd brought me a yogurt with strawberries and crushed oreos on top. Even better than the soft serve ice cream I was going to get.

I have some affirmations that I'm using at work pretty consistently. I've already shared how I prepave my day while I get ready for work. I also use the Universal Manager game from Ask and It is Given whenever I pass out anything work related - memos, training notices. I ask the Universal Manager to make sure that the papers get in the right hands, no matter where they are going, and I appreciate everything that he does.

I guess now I need to give the Universal Manager another job - making sure we have space for scheduled training at work. Space is at a premium and it seems as though everyone wants a room at the same time.
But that's okay, because this is my new request for the Universal Manger:

Thank you that whenever there is a training session, that there is
space available. Even if the first location is being used, there will
be a different space available with no issues or conflicts.

Are you using the Universal Manager to help you organize things?

I am happy to have the Universal Manager available to assist me in my job. It helps take the stress away when I feel as though I am having to jump through hoops. It's just another process that is fun to do in
order to release resistance and to feel good.

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