Thursday, December 1, 2011

Letting go of a bad mood

Yes, even in Law of Attraction world there will be bad moods. We are human. We cannot escape completely from emotion. After all, our vibration and our manifesting depends on our emotion, our feelings. But holding on to a bad feeling doesn't help us down the road.

As I am in this process right now - what better time to blog about it, right? - these are the steps I'm taking to release the mood.

1. Admit and allow my feelings. Too many times people following LOA will get into a positive thinking mindset and will try to squash any type of bad feeling that comes up. In my opinion, that's a mistake
because it will eventually rear its head again, usually causing things to be much worse. So admit your feelings and allow them.

To do that, I am trying to name my feelings.

Right now, I am frustrated that I could not find my office keys this morning. I am upset knowing that my supervisor is upset with me - I didn't call her - and I'm fairly sure this will be another note in the "secret" file she has in her desk (Yes, I know about the file. No, I did not find it deliberately).

I am angry with my husband because he got frustrated with me for misplacing the keys and he's now bringing up other things he's frustrated with me for. This further angers me because he's bringing up things not related to the main issue - the lost keys.

I am feeling anger, frustration, resentment.

Can I do anything about it?

2. I need to move up the emotional ladder. I've already named my feelings, so I am clarifying what I want -

I want to feel better as I go through the day.
I want to find my keys.
I want issues with my supervisor to be out in the open.
I want issues with my husband to be resolved.

I have named my feelings and allowed myself to experience them. I've been experiencing them pretty much all morning, in fact. And now I'm tired of it. So it's time to stop. I know it's difficult to just stop having a bad feeling, so here is what I did.

3. Inspired Action - This is whatever you can do to pivot your feelings and feel better. You're not looking to jump from the bottom of the emotional scale to the top. You're looking to just feel better. A bit of ho-oponopono helps out with feelings with my husband. This is an Hawaiian mantra that can be repeated, asking for forgiveness.


I set a couple of intentions.

I intend that my keys will be found tonight.
I intend that the file J has will be brought out and past issues will be resolved soon, in a meeting with a third party.
I intend that any future issues will be handled immediately, without any need for a "secret" file to be kept.
I did a blessings check - what am I thankful for?

4. Release the feelings. Now that I've said the intentions and offered an apology, it's time to let it go. Releasing can be something as making a decision to choose to feel better. It can be doing a couple of yoga moves, such as a sun salutation. It can be as simple as taking a couple of deep breaths. It can be prepaving the next segment of your day. It can be taking a break, getting away from the situation for a moment.

And yes, I am feeling better. And I intend that the rest of my day will go well.

*Note* The keys were found that night in the jacket pocket I had worn the Friday before.

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