Saturday, December 10, 2011

Book - The Spell of Rosette

I am enthralled with the book, The Spell of Rosette: Book One, Quantum Enchantment, written by Kim Falconer.

Written from a fantasy adventure perspective, the story is unlike any I've ever read before and I have read a lot of fantasy adventure, including Margaret Wise and Tracy Hickman and RA Salvatore. But what I enjoy about this book is that it weaves in Law of Attraction, magic, astrology, technology -- and shows how these characters live it out in their everyday lives. From something as simple as gratitude - being thankful for being home after a long day. Or trusting that a person they need to see or something they want will come to them when needed.

I am enjoying this book immensely and cannot wait to read the rest of the series. It held my interest and now there are some more things that I am wanting to learn about. I thought it interesting that she included a reading list in the back of the book. There was a slight twist that I wasn't expecting and the last few chapters seemed to move very fast, the heroes completing their mission with a fight but it seemed it was a very easy fight. Compared to the length and detail of the first section of the book, it just seemed to move very fast to me and I felt it needed to slow down a little more.

I'll be ordering the next book, Arrows of Time, next.


*disclaimer - I bought the book on Amazon to read for myself. I was not paid for this review. However, if you purchase the book through my link above to Amazon I will receive a commission.*

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