Thursday, December 15, 2011

Abundant or Affluent

I listened to a money coaching call from Karin Title the other day, part of the Divine Entrepreneurial Diva Telesummit hosted by Carrie at Deeper Waters Coaching.

One of the distinctions that Karin was making was moving out of abundance and into affluence. That was confusing to me. After all, isn't my affirmation "Enjoying a wonderful, beautiful, abundant and creative life through principles of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction" ? Don't I want to live an abundant life?

So I decided to really break it down and see what those two words mean. What do they mean to me, and what do they REALLY mean. And is there a difference.

Abundant - I am blessed, I am overflowing, I have a full and rich life with money and time and family and everything that gives me peace.

Affluent - Wealth, someone who is influential, a leader.

I have never seen myself as affluent based on my definition above. It's been difficult enough seeing myself as abundant. Of course, I don't only associate abundance with money, although that is a large part of it. Part of having a rich and full life is having enough money to be able to follow dreams, to pursue passions, to travel and experience the world. Living life in everything - that is abundant to me. Regarding money, however, abundant meant enough. It meant not having to worry about my money, to release that attachment, fear and
anxiety I've had for so long.

Now that I defined the words for myself, I decided to see what Webster's had to say.

Abundant - very plentiful, more than sufficient, ample, well supplied, rich, plentiful.

Affluent - flowing freely, plentiful, abundant, wealthy, prosperous, opulence, great plenty, rich, a flowing toward, influx.


I thought I knew what the words meant. I thought I knew what I wanted. And I do want that abundant, full life - rich in experiences and opportunities, friends and family, more than sufficient money and time. But doesn't affluent do all of that? All of that -- and more?

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