Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pray Rain Journal Updates

I am loving the pray rain journals. I have one for work, one for family and one for my writing.

I have seen a lot happen regarding the family journals. I write about how my husband has a first shift shift job now and we're together to eat dinner every night. We watch movies, play games and just talk to each other.

Well, for the past two weeks, he's had to work first shift two or three days out of each week to fill in for a co-worker that's having surgery. It's been an adjustment for us, having him at home in the evenings, but it's been wonderful. And we have sat around the dinner table, enjoying each other and talking. We used to eat dinner watching something on Netflix, but with our new house and a dining room, we have decided that whenever we're together we eat at the table. It's been a wonderful change.

I also wrote about my son getting more hours at work. He's only been working maybe two days a week. He had his eye on a coat he's wanted for a long time and finally had enough money to get it, but wasn't sure if he should because he was concerned about how much money he'd make this month. I did some exercises with him and he obviously wanted the coat, so I encouraged him to buy it. He did, and when he got his schedule he was surprised to find he'd been scheduled for 22 hours. And a manager had said he'd been trying to call him to offer him more hours, but couldn't get him on our house line. So the extra hours had been there all along. There was just a block. But that has been removed now and I'm continuing to write that he will get at least 20
hours a week.

Nothing new has manifested in response to my writing journal, but I know things are happening behind the scenes. I have a short story being published soon in an anthology, I submitted another one to a magazine and I have a couple more I'm working on. I'm happy and optimistic about all of my projects and I'm continuing to write in the journal. There's plenty of paper left still to see my manifestations come to life.

My work journal has typically dealt with people at work and some of the processes that I don't enjoy. Well, those processes have almost taken care of themselves. The phone calls I don't enjoy making -- well, people are calling me now. There are a few holdouts, it seems, and maybe their intention of NOT taking the training classes are overshadowing my intention that they will call to schedule. But I'm starting to write that specific people will call me and I write out what I want their response to be. For example, for someone who hasn't
done their training in some time and keeps avoiding me I will write:

Sally Jo even came by the office and scheduled her training with me today. It was a surprise and a thrill to scratch her off my training list.

Or I'll write:
Sally Jo, the one who hasn't done her training in two months, put in a notice today. She's no longer working here, so I've crossed her off my training list.

We'll see how that goes for November. I'll either get a lot of phone calls from people to schedule their training or we'll get a lot of people quitting. Either way, it works for me.

I highly recommend the pray rain journal exercise. It really helps you see the possibilities all around you. Things will begin to happen.

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