Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More LOA awareness

I had told my husband of how I intended each day to go, the affirmations that I've said. I've told my son this too, but he's not sure about it all at this point. At 17, he most likely thinks this is all very strange and weird anyway.

So yesterday my husband told me about how he had prepaved his day. He works security and typically works second shift, but yesterday worked first shift to fill in for a co-worker. He doesn't particularly like
first shift. Typically things always tend to go wrong. But he prepaved his day for this shift.

He'd intended that nothing was going to go wrong, he would be able to sit at the desk and complete his paperwork and training and he wouldn't have to leave the desk unless he wanted to. And to top it off, the Chai tea would flow freely :)

So when he picked me up at work he described to me the perfect day he'd had. He'd gotten most of his training done, his paperwork done, nothing at all had gone wrong in the building, he got free breakfast
AND lunch AND one of the managers made a Starbucks run and brought him back a Chai tea - that the company paid for. I'd have to say that's a pretty good prepaved day.

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